Without going to Antarctica, experience another Antarctic view in Argentina

Argentina is famous for being an entrance to Antarctica, but in this country closest to Antarctica, you can experience Antarctica’s beauty without spending tens of thousands of dollars in Antarctic boat tickets

▎ Perito Moreno glacier (Perito Moreno glacier)

Perito Moreno glacier (Perito Moreno glacier), located in Argentina’s Glacier National Park (Parque Nacional Los Glaciares), is one of the few living glaciers in the world, stretching 30 kilometers, has 20 years of history, like a wall of huge ” The ice wall is moving forward at a speed of 30 cm every day

  Moreno is more famous for its unique “ice avalanche” spectacle. Due to the sunlight and the speed of the glaciers, Argentina can hear hundreds of large glaciers collapsing and deafening “bang” every summer. The sound, especially in the summer afternoon, after a whole day of sunlight, visitors can see the ultimate scene of the 70-meter high ice wall collapse at a very close distance

  The so-called extreme extreme is the more dangerous. Such beautiful scenery took 32 lives from 1968 to 1988 because of the falling of a large glacier, so we must follow the regular route of the glacier during the trip:

  1. Wooden walkway

  For safety reasons, the National Park has built a walkway that takes 1.5-2 hours, and a viewing platform has been set up at the view point to allow tourists to approach the glacier at the closest safe distance. The entrance of the walkway can be reached by shuttle bus from the National Park

  2. Yacht tour

  For $18/person, you can book a yacht to visit from the foot of the glacier. This time I went to Moreno to take a boat tour and then hike for two hours, marvel at this floating natural magical axe from looking up and overlooking different angles

  3. Glacier hiking

  With true zero-distance contact with this floating iceberg, travellers will put on professional skates and walk on the glacier for 1-2 hours or 3-4 hours under the guidance of a guide. Choose an experienced guide to avoid danger Of avalanches

▎How to get there

The town of El calafate is the only stop for the Moreno Glacier. The town was originally an unnamed place with timber as its industry. It evolved into a tourist town due to Moreno’s reputation. Only a few residents and scattered streets are used for wandering

Options for   visiting Glacier National Park :

  1. Shuttle bus

  ●You need to go to the bus station to buy a ticket to the national park

  ●The bus takes 1.5 hours

  ●The bus departure time is:

7:30, 8:15, 9:00, 13:00, 14:00

  ●The bus return time is

16:00, 16:30, 19:00, 19:30

  ● (The specific time will change slightly due to the off-peak season. Visitors are advised to go to the bus station one day in advance to confirm the time.

  2. One-day tour of travel agency

  On the main street of Calafate town, you will see a lot of Moreno day trips, and you can also book cruises or glacier hikes. The recommended travel agencies for locals are Mundo Austral and Perito Moreno tours.

  3. Rent a car or taxi: the cost is too high, it is not recommended

▎ Ushuaia

  Calafate is a three-hour flight from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina , but only 1.5 hours from Ushuaia , the southernmost point of the mainland

  In Ushuaia, you can not only see the desolation at the end of the world, but also get close contact with the polar features-dumb penguins

  As the port to the Antarctic, the Antarctic season attracts countless world tourists every year. Of course, in addition to spending a lot of money and a lot of time to travel to Antarctica, we can also buy a half-day to four-day sea trip at a local travel agency and take a glance across the Magellan Strait. the end of the world

  Cruise ships will approach these protozoa at the closest distance but do not go to the island to change their original life forms. Three types of penguins are common in Ushuaia :

  ●Magellanic penguin (Magellanic penguin)

  They are generally black with white stripes on the top of their heads and wings

  ● Gentoo penguin

Common   in Ushuaia but rare in the world, they are roughly the same as Magellan penguins, with only orange flippers and beaks

  ●King penguin (King penguin)

  More rare species. Although the penguins of Ushuaia are not very large, they are also outstanding among the other two penguins. They also have gray and yellow colors and patterns.

  For the first time I saw a wild penguin on the continent closest to the Antarctic

▎Spring and winter

“Li Yaohui is not as good as we have been from the beginning”-Wang Jiawei’s “Spring and Autumn”

  In addition to seeing wild penguins, sea lions, and seabirds on the half-day cruise, what I yearn for the most is the shooting place of the Wang Jiawei movie “Spring and Summer”-the lighthouse at the end of the world. In the film, Zhang Zhen fell in love and ended the journey alone.

  And on the day we went to sea, the weather should be like the lonely tones in the movie. The lighthouse is waiting alone at the south pole of the strait. It dances like an infinite loop of tango.

  Today, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking died

  He predicted that in 2032, the earth will enter the ice age and the global climate will become warmer

  Before that, may you and I have the opportunity to go to these distant glaciers beyond the imagination

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