Will anyone from 2019 come from afar to meet you?

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  My 2018

  Found in the tomb of Ramses II

  Wandering in front of the pyramid on a camel

  Have a birthday with friends from all over the world on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem ‘s Christmas Hall

  The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem leaves a sustenance of faith

  Listen to Buddha’s lectures in the broken wall of Luye Garden

  Patan ‘s goddess has bright eyes

  In the blink of an eye, 2018 has passed

  Many happy and unhappy things happened in this year, there are many nights that can’t sleep, but now I can’t remember it, the memory is a kite that can never be caught

  Fortunately, I still remember these worthy memories

  This year is for Shenwei

  It’s a year into the soul

  Walk the world while touching the historical age

  Charge yourself with a study tour

  During my study time in Cambridge , I went to school every day and I rode a bicycle through the lawn full of cows.

  Every day after school, I will choose a good location by the Kang River, write homework and preview, and the crammed cruise ships will pass through my eyes, and the golden willows on the riverside will be breeze.

  When traveling in Varanasi , I was deeply moved:

  There are so many people in this world, all living on the same planet, and some people are extremely poor and helpless, but they are still cherishing every day, comprehending every day, and even chanting every day.

  With better living conditions, should we do more useful things for life?

  In 2019, Shenwei will continue to share with you the wonderful world.

  I hope that when you meet the world, you will also call on Shenwei to share your wonderful things with me.

  We all walk under the same sky, and a unique story takes place.

  Welcome attention and reprint, please indicate the source, and welcome more cooperation.

  Shenwei’s 2018 “Big News”


  Shenwei and well-known integrated marketing company Ogilvy & Mather

  Went to Abu Dhabi to film “Gods will Play”

  At the invitation of Ogilvy & Mather, the Abu Dhabi Tourism Bureau received the filming team of “God Play” to plan a very luxurious travel plan for Abu Dhabi .

  We started this journey from the Sheikh Zayt Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and ended in front of Leonardo da Vinci in the newly opened Louvre on November 11. The art is exquisite.

  I went to an oasis with a water channel of 4,000 years, walked into the vibrant fish market, and tasted a seafood dinner at the flower-filled night market. Naturally, the Michelin and gold leaf coffee of the eight-star Palace Hotel was still in Utopia in Sir Bani Yas. The island stayed with the cheetah giraffe for one night.

  Read the link: id=2309404190043030851198


  Chinese New Year “God will play”

  Bring parents to live in top lifestyle in Bali, Indonesia

  During the Spring Festival, I went to Bali to shoot “God Play” with my parents , and helped fans plan a family trip to experience the top lifestyle.

  We lived in the first Hoshinoya Hotel in Japan Hoshino Group opened overseas, experienced the Japanese feelings of Bali , and followed the hotel cultural waiter to learn more about the religion and culture of Bali ;

  Wu Shilong’s AYANA hotel in Liu Shishi’s wedding room, from Chinese-style abalone to unique Mexican food, Hozen’s Japanese food, sami sami’s Italian food, every meal has a surprise;

  Four Seasons Brand’s best hotel in 2018, Shanyan, and TOP ranking red card hotel ALILA VILLAS ULUWATU are all the best ways to open up and embrace nature with yoga;

  At the same time, I cooperated with Airbnb. I stayed at an Italian lighting designer’s home. Every morning, the landlord’s sister came over to cook for us. My mother played piano and daddy read books. Outside the window was Shan Yan’s green hills and bright yellow. Rice field.

  Video link


  A delicious relationship with a high-end restaurant brand marketing communications agency

  Start Beijing Food Tour

  Already with the perspective of 80-year-old grandmother, the food as the entry point to take her in Beijing while enjoying the taste of the world, opening food show of shooting, not to Beijing to eat around the concept of the world and China, in particular, the selection of the Beijing most representatives International restaurants and local tastes in China are both delicious and ornamental, creating a Beijing food map for fans .

  Specially selected restaurants are:

  Opera BOMBANA: The authentic Italian meal of Samsung Michelin chef

  Migas: Spanish meal with beautiful views of CCTV big pants

  Ran Cafeteria: The Daily Materials of Artisan Spirit

  Siam Thai: Authentic Thai food from a well-established Beijing brand

  NUO: Curry-flavored Holi Indian food

  The Chinese restaurant has:

  Four Seasons Folklore: Peking Duck beside the Forbidden City

  Sanliliqi: Creative Fujian cuisine based on 24 solar terms

  Zhongyixuan: Old Beijing Shabu Lamb in Siheyuan

  Cuiyuan: Guangdong dim sum

  Guijie Mixia: Chaoshan cuisine in the busy Guijie

  Wulixiang: Shanghai cuisine hidden in Sanlitun

  Meeting Someone: Net Red Shop in Nanluoguxiang


  The company officially opened the Silk Road cultural tourism light variety show “Lead the Way!” Kamui IP

  Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. Shenwei and the team came to Xi’an to join Xi’an senior media person Kang Xiaokang from the traditional marriage culture of the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden, the Hanfu show of the Daming Palace and the Tang Xuanzang of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The performance of Hua Qingchi’s Everlasting Sorrow song traverses a journey back to the prosperous age of Tang Dynasty.

  Staying at Sofitel Legend Xi’an, touch the modern history of Xi’an, and taste the authentic Tang Dynasty court banquet.

  Use “Lead the Way!” The “Shenwei” program started the cultural journey of the Belt and Road Initiative. The investment promotion plan is in progress. If the business is interested in understanding, you can add V: Johnkington to communicate with the program’s chief producer Mr. Abeze.


  Shenwei won the honor of Spain ‘s best friend

  On May 7, at the Royal Opera House in Madrid , Spain , Shenwei was awarded the honor of Spain’s National Friend by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China-Western Friendship Union .

  Nearly one hundred media including Spanish National Television, MadridTelevision, European Times and Xinhua News Agency participated in the report and live broadcast. This is after Shenwei’s visit to the Italian national television station in 2017 , it was once again reported by European national media.

  In the moment of the Belt and Road, walking into every place on the earth and using a young Chinese heart to experience the culture, customs and food of different regions is the purpose and meaning of being a young Chinese global traveler.

  Spain is also an indispensable destination along the Belt and Road, and 2019 will become “Lead the Road!” One of the main European countries where “Shenwei” was filmed .

  Video link:


  Shenwei joins hands with the famous Greek cruise company Celestal cruses

  Shoot “Lead the Way!” “Shenwei” European Culture Origin Tour

  Is from the beginning of the fifth century BC Greek port of Piraeus piraeus important trading port began, through the Athens Acropolis, Santorini World Erosantorini resort of TOP10, the Titan of Mykonos bones, Minoan volcanic Haitiappearance, all the way to the European origin of civilization Heraklion ‘s Knossos palace.

  Designed a classical civilization tour related to Greek legends for audience friends .


  Shenwei join hands with Sina Tourism, and the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Sun Temple

  Work together to create the first episode of the nation’s first museum travel reality show

  During the 40 years of reform and opening up, from the great liberation of ideas to the entry of foreign capital into China, the sea, the national reform, the Internet, the WTO, the Olympic Games… Every 80-year-old grandma experienced every moment of “burning”. Through these forty years of changes in her eyes, she and the global traveler Shenwei chatted with the audience fans about the travel strategies of old Beijing .

  In the Forbidden City, reveal the lesser-known Jianfu Palace and taste the master-level net red moon cakes;

  In the Summer Palace, enjoy the cherry blossoms and taste the national banquet-class dining oriole;

  In the Japanese altar, the Qing dynasty dress up, staged through the blockbuster.

  Video link:

  Join hands with Shanxi TV Station and Henan TV Station

  Visiting the Folklore and Humanities of Zezhou, Shanxi

  In the way of reality show, walked into Zezhou , Shanxi .

  There is Dayang, the birthplace of iron smelting, the Golden Village where the ancient Chinese stars are preserved, the Jinmiaopu where Confucius visited, the Dadonggou, a historic Tangdi Temple…Shenwei and “Lead the way!” The “Shenwei” team, together with Shanxi TV Station and Henan TV Station, walked into the traditional Chinese culture for 5,000 years.



  Divinity dialogue Jilin Tourism Development Committee, Provincial Director Yang Andi

  In-depth interpretation of Jilin tourism

  Jilin Tourism Development Committee, Provincial Director Yang Andi, guest Sina Jilin studio, and world traveler divinity face to face, from resources to tourism image positioning, marketing strategy from travel services to, from and then to enhance the travel experience of tourism facilities, Chatteris great beauty Jilin .

  ”Winter to Jilin to play Snow”, the tourism brand through Jilin efforts of the Tourism Committee of the province last year, it can be said to have played visibility. Just after the summer of this year, Jilin can’t wait for you to spend the summer and summer. The name of this “tourism IP” is very literary-“Summer at 22 ℃, refreshing Jilin “.

  In 2019, Jilin as “Lead the way!” The key destination of the “Shenwei” program will further share the places Jilin must go with fans .

  Live playback address: : 223556717c3e764993e4d473da52f5b3


  Shenwei celebrates its 12th birthday with Macau Douyin Video

  Fortune Tree, Longteng, Jinghuaxuan’s official Tan Jiacai, Yonglixuan’s dim sum, 99-faced abalone noodles, 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows, full of Picasso and Matisse art, every detail reflects Wynn’s luxury positioning.

  On the day of Wynn’s 12th birthday, Shenwei, as the only experiencer, participated in the hotel’s birthday celebration and promotion. Copy this link, open [Douyin Short Video] and watch the video directly!

  Is Shenwei a guest of Costa Cruises, and enjoy a Michelin-starred meal?

  As an old classic cruise brand, the Costa Selena launched the first cruise Michelin menu at CASANOVA sea-view restaurant in collaboration with the Italian Michelin Samsung chef BOMBANA at the Mid-Autumn Festival .

  As one of the first gourmets to taste its taste, Kamui not only tasted the good taste familiar to Mr. BOMBANA, but also experienced the travel planning from Fukuoka , Japan to Sasebo.

  Read the link: id=2309404291427575198323


  Shenwei and Kaplan, an English education institution, study in Cambridge , UK

  Kaplan International Studying Global Language Center with 80 years of education history, its students come from more than 150 countries around the world. Studying here will give you more opportunities to make friends from all over the world and learn about the diverse cultures of various countries.

  In October, the image of divinity as China Youth Kaplan cooperation, came to the UK in Cambridge , opened a short but wonderful learning time.

  If possible, I wish you can come to the UK of Cambridge , where there is a long pole Nymphoides green, dream on soft mud, and the silence of the western sky summer insects …… not take that piece of clouds.

  Read the link: id=2309404303627928892850


  Shenwei and Thailand Tourism Bureau to create the Lantern Festival propaganda

  And Thailand together TOP open from media branding company unit361 Thailand Michelin tour

Invited   by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a guest speaker for the annual celebration and the launching ceremony of the Lantern Festival.

  During the water lantern festival, together with Thailand’s TOP self-media brand promotion company unit361, the Thai restaurant Michelin was opened .

  The Michelin Guide finally landed in Bangkok and released the first “2018 Michelin Guide to Bangkok “. Focusing on this fusion and innovative food place, Shenwei came to Bangkok with the shooting team and selected the most representative Michelin restaurants kiin kiin, Nahm, Rhaan and Osha designed a pure Thai Michelin food route with audience fans.


  ”Lead the way! Divine Prestige into Israel , Palestine and Jordan

  Journey to the Bible

  In terms of geography and culture, Israel , Palestine , and Jordan are at the intersection of Asia , Europe, and Africa . Since ancient times, they have been the gathering place of various cultures, empires, and religions.

  Shenwei chose this area as the last filming in 2018. Not only can it design a multi-cultural archaeological tour for fans, but also take the audience to participate in the unique customs of Christmas Eve and Christmas. It is a very extraordinary period. Trip to the Bible.

  ”Lead the way! “Shenwei” Silk Road cultural tourism is light variety, and the investment promotion plan is in progress. If the business is interested in understanding, you can add V: Johnkington to communicate with the program’s chief producer Mr. Abeze.

  In 2019, will someone come from afar to meet you?


  Travel video brand “God will play” “Lead the way!” The founder and producer of “Shenwei”.

  Global traveler, best-selling author, Belt and Road cultural exchange messenger.

  Author of “Let’s go! While youth and dreams are still alive, “One day, I met the world”, “Enjoy Europe “, etc.

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